The Self Storage Manager's Little Helpers

Rent Reminders

  • Tells the tenant WHERE to mail their payment.
  • Instructs HOW MUCH to pay.
  • Reminds them to include their UNIT # with payment.
  • And WHEN their payment is due.
  • High visibility red stands out in a crowd.
  • 3-1/2" x 2" (business card size).
  • Durable 20 mil (or better) thick magnet.
  • EZ write on surface with permanent marker pen.
Tenants forget things. They forget their unit #, when the rent is due or they forget your mailing address. Sure, it's on the lease, but where did they put that? ...maybe it was in that box they put in storage.

Rent Reminder Magnets are a convenience your tenants will appreciate. You will appreciate keeping phone lines free for potential renters, instead of answering calls about units already rented.

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